Magnificent Spring of Japan 2018

Multi day
magnificent spring


Many people ask; when is the most beautiful season in Japan? We might think for a while depending on our mood and atmosphere, but my final answer would always return to Spring.

Sakura (Cherry Blossom) is one of the most unique scenery that has to offer throughout the world and we see millions of tourists visiting every year to experience of the greatest natural sceneries in the world.

If you have not had the chance to see this beautiful scenery, well this is your best chance. Please, be part of one of the most beautiful tourist attractions during Spring season with IACE TRAVEL.

Kyoto River Terrace Dining with Maiko

Day trip

1. Dine riverside savoring gourmet Kyoto cuisine while listening to the sounds of the river.

The location is typically cooler than Kyoto allowing you to beat the summer heat.

2. Enjoy watching the maiko dance performance while you dine.

3. From June to early July participants can enjoy watching fireflies.

Temple Stay

Multi day

Tour includes exciting city of Osaka to Japan’s most visited sightseeing place, old city Kyoto.

In addition to many attractive sightseeing places, you will experience one night stay in SHUKUBO.

Staying at a temple is one choice for your accommodations in Japan. The lodging at temples us called “ SHUKUBO”.

It originally began in the Heian period (764-1192) a lodging for worshipers to temples.

SHUKUBO is similar to traditional Japanese Inns, and anyone can stay regardless of his or her religion. In temples, you can join in their Zen meditation.

2-Day Hiroshima & Kurashiki Tour (Round-trip from Kyoto)

Multi day

1. Tour around popular sightseeing spots in Hiroshima, Miyajima and Kurashiki. This tour departs from Kyoto and disbands at Osaka.

2. Visit the World Heritage Sites Miyajima, Itsukushima-jinja Shrine, Hiroshima, and the Atomic Bomb Dome on the first day. 

3. On the second day, the tour will visit the popular Kurashiki and Okayama Korakuen, one of the three most beautiful gardens in Japan.

1-Day Uji & Nara Tour

Day trip

1. Visit the picturesque area around Uji Bridge and World Heritage Site Byodo-in Temple.

2. Experience an authentic tea ceremony in Uji, a town famous for tea.

3. Enjoy an afternoon of sightseeing around Nara.

1-Day Kyoto & Nara Tour

Day trip

See the main sights of two of Japan’s ancient capitals all in one day!

This tour takes you on a morning tour of world-famous Kyoto to experience one of Japan’s most important historical and cultural centers.

After lunch, visit nearby Nara, another historical capital and home to the towering Great Buddha of Todaiji Temple.

Nara Afternoon Tour

Day trip

1. Visit two World Heritage Sites in Nara: Todai-ji Temple and Kasuga Taisha Shrine.

2. Encounter wild deer up close while walking through Nara Park, a rarity in Japan and worldwide.

3. Enjoy the view out the window from the suburbs of Kyoto to Nara.

Kyoto Night Tour

Day trip

1. Enjoy seeing traditional Japanese performances at the Gion Corner.

2. Take a stroll through Gion’s unique atmosphere at night accompanied by a guide.

3. Experience a candle-lit tea ceremony, something available only on this tour.

Kyoto Maiko Dinner

Day trip

1.Enjoy the traditional dances of the maiko! (apprentice geisha).

Take a commemorative photo with the maiko and show all your friends!

2. The maiko will play traditional Japanese-style games with a few participants as part of the show.

3. Savor a traditional Japanese tempura meal.