Magnificent Spring of Japan 2018

Multi day
magnificent spring


Many people ask; when is the most beautiful season in Japan? We might think for a while depending on our mood and atmosphere, but my final answer would always return to Spring.

Sakura (Cherry Blossom) is one of the most unique scenery that has to offer throughout the world and we see millions of tourists visiting every year to experience of the greatest natural sceneries in the world.

If you have not had the chance to see this beautiful scenery, well this is your best chance. Please, be part of one of the most beautiful tourist attractions during Spring season with IACE TRAVEL.

2-Day World Heritage Site - Mt. Koya Tour (Without Guide)

Multi day

1. This is an unguided 2-day package to the world heritage Mt. Koya. 

2. This package includes a bus pass for buses on Mt. Koya and various discount coupons for discounted admission.

3. Participants stay overnight at a shukubo (temple lodging) of Henjoko-in Temple, Eko-in Temple, or Tentoku-in Temple and have a solemn experience of one of the meditation methods of the Buddha’s preach about truth esoteric Buddhism, in the morning.

1-Day World Heritage Site - Mt. Koya Tour (Without Guide)

Day trip

1. This is an unguided tour allowing you to explore the Mt. Koya’s World Heritage Sites on your own.

2. This package includes a bus pass for buses on Mt. Koya and various discount coupons for discounted admission.

3. Enjoy lunch at Henjoko-in Temple, Ekoin Temple or Tentoku-in Temple where participants can taste authentic Buddhist vegetarian cuisine, and take a tour with guidance in English.

1-Day Mt. Koya World Heritage Tour

Day trip

1. Visit Mt. Koya, registered on the UNESCO World Heritage Site list as “Sacred Sites and Pilgrimage Routes in the Kii Mountain Range”.

2. Buddha statues and mandalas greet visitors to these sacred grounds, which look down on the surrounding area from a height of approximately 900 m, and are home to many impressive halls, pagodas, and other historic buildings. 

3. Don’t worry about deciphering these mystical sites on your own; the guide will provide insights and explanations about Mt. Koya and its treasures.

Japan Chugoku Area 7 days

Multi day

Travel in the Chugoku area of Japan in 7 days
Visiting 5 World Heritage of UNESCO.
Himeji Castle, Iwami Ginzan (silver mine), A-Bomb Dome, Itsukushima Shrine, Koyasan

Japan Fall 10 Days 2018

Multi day

Please join us to see one of the most impressive color shifts of foliage in the world. Visit the iconic scenery such as Kyoto and Nara to see the entire city covered with yellow and red. Plus if you choose Plan A, you will be part of the best Fireworks in Japan.