IACE x TATE Hatoryu NY
4/22 (Sun) 4th Anniversary Showcase and Celebration!
TATE Hatoryu NY

Have you ever watched TATE?

TATE is one of Japanese traditional performing arts and there are many dynamic fighting scenes. TATE is originated of Kabuki from the Edo era and changed today's realistic and speedy performance with the essence of martial arts. Please come to watch their performance and feel our tradition from your experience!!

TATE Hatoryu NY

What is TATE Hatoryu?
TATE Hatoryu NY was established in 2014. It has been created diverse performance since then Ms. Kyo Kasumi, the director, has been teaching various students of TATE, based on the spirit of respect and honor of Bushido. The TATE class at Manhattan has been started since 2016, and the skills that can be used on live shooting brought big hit of its reputation and a lot of actors also attended the class. We will proudly hold our 4th Anniversary Showcase on Sunday April 22nd. More details about classes and the showcase, please visit our website: http://www.tate-hatoryuny.com/

TATE Hatoryu NY

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