Aoi Festival - 8 days Tokyo - Osaka

Multi day

Time travel to the era of ancient capital Kyoto
Aoi Festival – Procession of court aristocrats
Touching modern & traditional features of Japan
Visiting big cities & mountainous townscape

Takayama Festival in autumn - 8 days Osaka to Tokyo

Multi day

Japan Alps and ancient village with Takayama festival
Cherry blossoms, beautiful & elaborate floats in Takayama
Enjoy Contrast of Japan! (8 days)
Modern & Traditional, Big cities & mountainous townscape


Snow monkey and Shirakawago 7 days

Multi day
snow monkey

Enjoy breathtaking winter sceneries.
You will visit countryside of Japan to look for the landscape only seen in winter, such as Snow Monkey, Kenrokuen Garden with snow support.
And don’t forget view of Mt. Fuji with snow on top!
The tour “No other travel agency offers”