Taiwan Island 10 Days

Multi day
鄭鄭年齢ホール Taipei
台湾 九份
台湾 台北

Our Taiwan Island Tour is the ideal & complete Taiwan experience, featuring all the inclusions of our East and West tours on a full circuit of the island. Starting in Taipei, we'll taste soup dumplings and see the world's largest collection of Chinese artifacts. Traveling by high-speed rail, we'll hike Swallow Grotto Trail in Taroko National Park, sample true farm-to-table cuisine at Ching Jing Farms, and contemplate a singularly lovely rose-gold sunset from atop the Fleur De Chine hotel’s exclusive observation deck at Sun Moon Lake. Bike through verdant green rice fields and sample Ami-style tribal cuisine in the East Rift Valley and take a walk back in time in the seaside mining town of Jiufen. This tour is ideal for travelers looking for a more in-depth experience of Taiwan’s natural scenery, culture and cuisine.


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