The Okinawa Youth Exchange Program

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Okinawa Youth Exchange Program
Our ultimate goal of this Summer Camp is to give students, especially in the high school level, a chance to interact with their peers in Japan, and to understand and appreciate each others culture.This program is far from being an ordinary sightseeing tour. This is our first attempt to help develop relationship between the students of the two worlds. If we can give an opportunity for the American students to learn about the locality, society, history and goodness of Japan, we may help our future generation develop a better understanding about another country and culture.
Who can Participate? :
Middle & High School Students / Age of 12 years to 18 years old
One of our biggest goal of this program is for you to feel that friendship, a cultural exchange, and mutual underst anding are deepened through the experience such as the local high school life and the homestay, etc. in Japan. The Okinawa youth exchange program would also gives you a great motivation for the children who learn their roots for the people of the Japanese.

Highlight: The Okinawa Youth Exchange Program

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That is why IACE?
  • In business since 1970
  • Excellent client reviews
  • We open and support 24/7!
  • Great value of flight tickets to Japan
  • Exchange program & Homestay program
  • Local community-based program
  • Original optional tours
  • Offering variety of educational program all over the U.S.
What IACE can offer
For the past 48 years we have been offering numerous products that allows travelers to go Sightseeing and attend Special Events in Japan. In recent 10~15 years, we started to see the necessity of a program that will actually help students to exchange their thoughts and cultures. Educational Programs are what thrives us to excel our mission, as our firm’s acronym states (International Association of Cultural Exchange: IACE). Utilizing our exchange programs, we invite you to take be a part of sharing your own culture to the world together. The strength of the word “TOGETHER” maximizes its potential when we understand, experience and share who we are and what we all could accomplish. Join us to a build a better future for our children!

The 13th Annual Okinawa Youth Exchange Program will be coming up this summer. We are very excited to welcome you all, even though your stay will only be one week. I hope you will learn not only Okinawan/Japanese culture but also build a great friendships with the local people through your home-stay and school life experiences. I believe this program can provide such a great opportunity to interact with students from the same generation who have grown up in different countries and have different thoughts, which will increase global exposure and further educate our youth.
Konan Gakuen (High school/Middle School) Board of Chairman Masaru Gakiya

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Fly to Japan
Departure to Japan from your home city
Welcome to Tokyo, Narita Airport! In order to safely meet with every participant, we will further update you a designated location in Narita Airport Terminal. You will be greeted by our Program Chaperon and proceed to the first accommodation in the city of Tokyo.
Tokyo : Full day Tokyo sightseeing
Discover the traditional side and modern side of the city at once. You will be guided to a few of the most popular sites such as Asakusa, Tokyo Skytree, Shibuya and Meiji Shrine etc.
Tokyo → Okinawa Fly to Okinawa
With the Chaperon, you will be flying to Okinawa with everyone! Upon your arrival, everyone will test fit School Uniforms, followed by a brief Orientation of general agenda and school life in Okinawa. After the orientation you will finally get to meet your Host Families!
Okinawa : Sightseeing to Northern Okinawa
After spending the night with the Host Family, you will visit your Konan Gakuen (Your school in Okinawa) and start a full day sightseeing with the host brothers/sisters. Participants will visit famous attractions such as Chiraumi Aquarium.
Okinawa : First day of School in Okinawa
The first day of school in Konan Gakuen will start with an Orientation about the school itself. You will be introduced to your classmates and instructors. Then you will be guided to a school tour. You will attend all classes with your classmates for the rest of the day.
Okinawa : Konan Gakuen and Okinawa Prefectural Museum
The second day of school is a Half-day session. Morning session will take place in Konan Gakuen and you would be part of Homeroom (Class meeting) session. Then you will attend all classes. Afternoon session will be at Okinawa Prefectural Museum. You will have the opportunity to learn about People and History of Okinawa Prefecture.
Okinawa : Classes at Konan Gakuen
You will attend morning Homeroom session and all classes with your classmates.
Okinawa : Meet at Konan Gakuen and go sightseeing to Southern Okinawa
You will gather at Konan Gakuen and proceed to a sightseeing to Southern part of Okinawa. Some of the locations will include Okinawa World, Gyokusendo Cave, Okinawa Prefecture Peace Memorial Museum and have a chance to make traditional craft.
DAY 10
Okinawa : Classes at Konan Gakuen
You will attend morning Homeroom session and all classes with your classmates. During the morning session, you will get to meet principal of the Youth Exchange Program.
DAY 11
Okinawa : Spend weekend with your Host Family
This is your final day in Okinawa. Spend a memorable day with your Host Family!
DAY 12
Okinawa → Kyoto : Say goodbye to Okinawa and to your Host Family
The host families will escort you to Naha Airport to say goodbye. You will be flying to Osaka Airport and head to Kyoto! It will be a late afternoon arrival so take a good rest for the next day!
DAY 13
Kyoto : Experience day, Crafting and be a Samurai / Maiko
Try crafting traditional decorations in the city full of historic sites! You will have the opportunity to become Samurai or Maiko in the afternoon.
DAY 14
Kyoto : Full day Kyoto Sightseeing with ECC College students
Students of ECC College from Osaka will visit Kyoto to meet you! This would be a great opportunity to share your traditions and cultures. You will be guided by a few chaperons to visit famous attractions such as Gold Pavilion (Kinkakuji), Kiyomizu Dera, Gion and more!
DAY 15
Osaka : Visiting Osaka
Osaka is the second largest city in Japan. You will visit Osaka to go on a sightseeing, shopping and so much more. During the afternoon, you will meet with ECC College students once again to have a farewell party!
DAY 16
Departure from Japan
Time to say goodbye to everyone and fly back home.

The Okinawa Youth Exchange Program 2016-17

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Reviews from the participaints

I liked school the best because it was a great experience to see how different cultures go about their school life. The Tour Leader was very nice and professional, the food they served was great. Konan Gakuen was the best experience overall because it led me to understand how Japanese students learn. I wished the program was longer!

The best thing that happen to was when I got to go the high school because I've always wanted to go to a Japanese high school and I got to meet a lot of nice people.They were really nice and caring that made me feel I'm right at home also I could depend on them if I needed help. Currently I'm taking Japanese class at the high school and I plan to continue through all high school.

I liked Okinawa the best. Going to school and making new friends was an amazing experience. I wish I got to stay longer and see more of Okinawa though. The tour leader was very nice and helpful and very easy to talk to. I really wish to stay in Okinawa a bit longer to experience and learn more deeply. This was one of my best experiences to have abroad and this made me to attend Japanese classes every week.

The Home Stay experience was very unique because it allowed me to live with a Japanese Family in Okinawa. The school program was excellent to learn about the Japanese Culture and Tradition, which I was mostly interested in.

It was interesting seeing how different Japanese and American schools are. I really liked the teachers and the students. They were very polite, and it was fun talking to them. I felt like I was one of the schools student and part of the class.

Reviews from the parents

It was a spectacular experience to have my son to learn about Japanese culture that cannot be easily accessible in the United States. He is showing more discipline and became to use Japanese in his daily life.

Having a good relationship with the host family was very meaningful. Having a personal network outside the country is always a special opportunity. I think our family will visit Japan more often and Okinawa is definitely one of our destinations!

Before they were nervous because of the language barrier and having to do things on their own. After they seem more confident about doing things on their own.

The Okinawa Youth Exchange Program

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Timeline : Reservation & Deposit
Contact : IACE TRAVEL Asia Division / Mon-Fri 9am-6pm (PT)
Apply & Deposit
Application Deadline: Apr.27th(Fri)
Final payment
Finalize host family
Enjoy the program

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Program priced 
from $2598~
Our program includes:
Accommodation, Meals (Breakfast & Dinner), Admission fees, Ground transfer fees, School/Homestay arrangement, Tour leader
Our Program excludes:
International & Domestic flights, Tax/Fuel surcharge, Lunch, and Personal expense

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