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Why Do I Need Travel Insurance?

Traveling creates memories of a lifetime, and can also mean encountering the unexpected; ranging from an inconvenient flight delay to a cancellation for sickness, or a truly serious medical emergency. In todays travel environment it’s increasingly important to protect yourself and your travel investment.

To increase your sense of security before and during your trip, it's important to purchase a travel insurance plan. Medical insurance policies may not protect your travels abroad and often have out-of-network deductibles. Likewise, coverage through credit cards and travel suppliers may have shortfalls and not fully protect you in travel situations like the above.

Not sure you need travel insurance? Review the information below and discover how Travelex can help you along the way.



Travel Insurance Plans

From basic trips to luxury vacations, Travelex insurance plans offer a variety of benefits and emergency assistance services.

Travel Tips

Take advantage of frequent traveler tips and more. These tips, from safety to packing, will help you make your next trip a success.

Frequently Asked Questions

View our list of most frequently asked questions that cover benefits, post-departure events and more. 

Reasons to Buy

Encountering the unexpected is often a part of travel. Learn why you should purchase travel insurance for your next trip.


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