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Airport Delivery Service QL Liner

TakuhaiHands-free is the best way to go to the airport. QL Liner helps you enjoy your trip even more.

The biggest advantage of airport delivery is that it relieves you of your heavy suitcases and lets you move freely.
You carry your memories, we’ll carry your baggage.


Recommended Situations

Individual Narita Airport and Haneda Airport customersQL

Trains are the best means of transportation when going to airports for overseas travel, as they are far more punctual than automobiles. However, riding on trains with the large baggage used for overseas trips can be hard. Use the Airport Delivery Service to send your baggage to the airport several days before departure, allowing you to travel to the airport in comfort, hands-free. This service is an essential part of train travel.

Schools and groups planning overseas excursionsQL

For overseas school excursions, baggage is collected 3 to 4 days before departure from individual homes, and on the day of departure is brought in and distributed in individual class lots. Normally baggage is distributed at a designated delivery counter, but it can also be brought to a specified assembly location. Teachers who have taken students to the airport by train have praised the service, saying “Because nobody was carrying baggage, we were able to conduct everyone smoothly and safely.”

Companies planning incentive toursQL

Payment can be performed after service is provided for delivery of roughly 20 articles or more. Post-payment is often used for company incentive trips in which delivery is provided to participants free of charge.
Tour details are received in advance from tour providers or companies to provide a range of delivery methods tailored to the needs of customers, such as batch baggage pickup or having customers use the standard airport delivery application process, contacting our call center on an in individual basis so that baggage can be picked up when it is convenient for the customer.