Service details

Operates in various parts of the metropolitan area including Narita Airport, Haneda Airport, Tokyo Metropolitan Hotel, and terminal stations. Use a convenient limousine bus that has few transfers. You always have a seat -- wait for the bus with your luggage at the terminal building's departures or arrivals area.

Please apply by 2 weeks before departure to Japan. For more information please feel free to IACE TRAVEL.




Routes from Narita Airport

Departure point Destination Duration
Narita Airport Haneda Airport : 77min
Narita Airport Shinjuku Station : 182min
Narita Airport Tokyo / Air Terminal : 109min
Narita Airport Ikebukuro Area : 177min
Narita Airport Yokohama / Air Terminal : 111min
Narita Airport Akasaka Area : 84min
Narita Airport Shibuya Area : 86min
Narita Airport Shinagawa Area : 97min
Departure point Destination Duration
Haneda Airport Narita Airport : 76min
Shinjuku Expressway Bus Terminal Narita Airport : 116min
Tokyo / Air Terminal Narita Airport : 70min
Ikebukuro Area Narita Airport : 101min
Yokohama / Air Terminal Narita Airport : Data update
Akasaka Area Narita Airport : 78min
Shibuya Area Narita Airport : 91min
Shinagawa Area Narita Airport : 89min

Routes to Narita Airport

Departure point Destination Duration
Haneda Airport Narita Airport : 76min
Haneda Airport Shinjuku Station : 49min
Haneda Airport Tokyo / Air Terminal : 34min
Haneda Airport Ikebukuro Area : 101min
Haneda Airport Tokyo Disneyland : 31min
Departure point Destination Duration
Narita Airport Haneda Airport : 77min
Shinjuku Expressway Bus Terminal Haneda Airport : 29min
Tokyo / Air Terminal Haneda Airport : 26min
Ikebukuro Area Haneda Airport : 51min
Tokyo Disneyland Haneda Airport : 33min


■ Benefits 1

When going on a trip, especially overseas, luggage tends to be large and bulky. It becomes difficult to maneuver in crowded areas or go upstairs and downstairs with heavy luggage! ! With limousine bus, it is safe and easy. The limousine bus will safely store your luggage while comfortably riding to your destination.

■ Benefits 2

The limousine bus has seating capacity quota system, so the bus will never be oversold and you will always be able to find a seat. The elevated seats offer a view of the passing scenery as you make your way to your destination.


Because the bus travels on public roads and expressways, there may be delays due to road conditions. Please consider rush hour as well as peak travel and holiday season traffic with your schedule.

Use the limousine bus pass from the hotel to your destination. Please arrive 15 minutes before boarding time. If the time has passed, the reservation will be canceled automatically and may become unavailable.

Child Fares: Elementary school students aged 6-12 years are eligible. Children under 6-years old without a seat are free. If children under 6-years old occupy seats, we may charge fares. IACE Travel currently offers child fares for only the Narita Line. Child fares for the Haneda Line are not sold by IACE Travel.