Service details

With a motto "safe, comfortable and prompt", we operate various parts of the metropolitan area including Narita Airport, Haneda Airport, Tokyo Metropolitan Hotel and Terminal Station. "Use a convenient limousine bus that has few transfers, you can always sit and join with the departure floor and the arrival floor of the terminal building along with the baggage."
Please apply by 2 weeks before departure to Japan. For more information please feel free to IACE TRAVEL.



Narita Airport Routes

Departure point Destination Duration
NaritaAirport HanedaAirport : 77min
NaritaAirport Shinjuku Station : 182min
NaritaAirport Tokyo
: 109min
NaritaAirport Ikebukuro Area : 177min
NaritaAirport Yokohama
: 111min
NaritaAirport Akasaka Area : 84min
NaritaAirport Shibuya Area : 86min
NaritaAirport Shinagawa Area : 97min
Departure point Destination Duration
HanedaAirport NaritaAirport : 76min
Shinjuku Expressway Bus Terminal NaritaAirport : 116min
NaritaAirport : 70min
Ikebukuro Area NaritaAirport : 101min
NaritaAirport : Data update
Akasaka Area NaritaAirport : 78min
Shibuya Area NaritaAirport : 91min
Shinagawa Area NaritaAirport : 89min

Haneda Airport Service Routes (Last updated on 19:02 )

Departure point Destination Duration
HanedaAirport NaritaAirport : 76min
HanedaAirport Shinjuku Station : 49min
HanedaAirport Tokyo
: 34min
HanedaAirport Ikebukuro Area : 101min
HanedaAirport Tokyo Disneyland : 31min
Departure point Destination Duration
NaritaAirport HanedaAirport : 77min
Shinjuku Expressway Bus Terminal HanedaAirport : 29min
HanedaAirport : 26min
Ikebukuro Area HanedaAirport : 51min
Tokyo Disneyland HanedaAirport : 33min

Benefits of limousine bus

■ Benefits 1

When going on a trip, including overseas, luggage often tends to be large. It is hard to move heavily in the crowd and go up and down stairs with heavy luggage! ! But it is safe if it is a limousine bus. You can spend comfortably to your destination if you leave a big luggage.

■ Benefits 2

The limousine bus is seating capacity quota system. You can always sit and go to your destination. Also, good visibility from a high audience is also a pleasure.

User guide

As the bus usually runs on the road (including the expressway), it may be delayed due to road conditions, such as natural congestion on weekdays morning and evening and excursion season. Please use with a margin.

From the hotel it is possible to use it in principle except for accommodation. To get on, you must take the boarding procedure 15 minutes before getting on. If this time passes, the reservation will be automatically canceled and may not be available.

Child fee is for elementary school students aged 6 to 12. Children under 6 not using seats are unpayable. However, even if children under 6 years old occupy seats, in principle, we will charge fares. Please understand beforehand that we do not sell children's tickets for children, currently only for Narita Line, Children fee tickets for Haneda Line.