~ ​​Dear Valued Customer ~ Effective on July 15, 2017 (Sat), our Las Vegas Office (LAS) will merge all operations with West Los Angeles Office.


We sincerely appreciate our greatest customers for supporting LAS Office during the 20 years of operations since its establishment in 1997. You made our business possible to operate and we thank you for the generous support throughout the Las Vegas Community.  


You can still reach us using the same phone numbers for further assistance on existing reservations or when making a new reservation. For Korean customers as well, you can inquire us with the same phone number and Korean agents will assist you. We look forward to speaking to you again soon.  



Address: 2100 Sawtelle Blvd, Suite 101, Los Angeles, CA 90025 phone: 310-445-1401 / 888-393-4223 (toll free) email: wla@iace-usa.com