Emails have been sent to single or multiple recipients, falsely claiming to be from Employees at IACE TRAVEL. These emails are financial scams or phishing scams and have taken several forms, including:
* Details about a falsified reservation for the recipient, with the target of the fraud asked to advance fees.
* Attempts to book or reserve a property / service / product, with false identification of IACE TRAVEL Employee.
IACE TRAVEL USA, our affiliates, and our employees have no involvement in any scams, and there are cases where our employee's names or web-domain name ( are being used without our authorization.
* Please consider Email accounts that include "iace-usa" name before @ sign fraudulent. IACE TRAVEL does not send any emails with public domain names such as: / /
If you are the recipient of any email purporting to be from an IACE TRAVEL email that comes from any email domain other than or contains unusual content, please check the authenticity of the correspondence by contacting us directly at