IACE was awarded Taiwan Tourism Contribution Award!!

~ Flights may become more affordable due to one stop routes~On February 18, IACE Travel (Headquartered in New York) received a "Taiwan Tourism Contribution Award" at the "Tourism Closing Celebration" held in Kaohsiung City in the southern part of Taiwan, according to the sightseeing section(Tourism Festival in Taiwan). This was awarded by the Taiwan Tourism Bureau by selecting and offering enterprises, organizations, and individuals in Taiwan and in Europe, the US, and Asian countries that have made a great contribution to the development and promotion of the Taiwan Tourism Industry.  IACE Travel was the only Japanese-affiliated travel agency in the US to be awarded, and it is the first winner.


In the past year, thanks to the successful strategy of diversifying markets and improving the quality of reception for tourists, the number of inbound tourists visiting Taiwan has reached 11.06 million, representing an increase of 3% compared with the same period in 2017.

President Cai felt that the world's attention is being paid to Taiwan as a destination, and in order to further leap from here, it is necessary for the government and the private sector to cooperate and to establish tourist routes she stressed that it is very important to revitalize the local industry through cultivating the city. She talked about the desire for a future sustainable tourism development plan in the future.

In Taiwan, we set the target number for in 2019 as the target figure of 11.5 million people, we will strive to improve the quality of tourism resources in Taiwan and travel services, and will lead to the further development of tourism in Taiwan.  

STMr. Shingo Takahashi (Sales Manager of IACE TRAVEL), who received the "Taiwan Tourism Contribution Award", said, "This award was a great motivation for the future, not only for our company but also for travelers from North America to Japan, I would like to appeal strongly to the choice of choosing to Taiwan. Depending on the availability and timing of the vacancy, the Flights may become more affordable due to one stop. Amidst the growing demand for visits to Japan, I'd like to encourage tourists to enjoy Japan and Asia, where 2019 Rugby World Cup, 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games, 2025 Osaka World Expo, and big events will continue, I was keen to win this award.”

taiwan ~ After the award trip...~

It was my first experience in Taiwan. My first impression was that Taiwan may seem to be small on the map, but there are so many places to visit and felt it was much larger. There mixed culture old and modern, Western and Asian taste. People are very kind, fluent in English especially around the city of Taipei. There were many varieties in Food in each area and was very delicious. The weather was pleasant and the infrastructure convenient and safe everywhere anytime. Taiwan cannot simply be explained by my words, and you will get to understand what I am trying to express. We have attractive packages and specially discounted flights. Please do not hesitate to contact us. Again, I am grateful to the Taiwan Tourism Bureau for giving me a valuable opportunity.

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