Q1. What is the difference between cruises and other tours?

  1. Cruise fare includes accommodations, meals inside ship, entertainment and activities. Enjoy sightseeing at each room while traveling on each destination. No need complicated process.

Q2. How should I choose cruise companies?

  1. Cruise types can be roughly divided into casual, premium, and luxury. Each company has variety of plans such as for families, top notch meal plans and services, and other unique programs. Please let us know your inquiry with dress code or the size of ship. We would love to recommend the best cruise from all kinds of cruises.

Q3. What are the recommended cruises? When is the best season?

  1. For the first timers, we recommend Bahama cruise 3-4 nights or West Caribbean 4-5 nights. Depending on the seasons, but we recommend for Spring – Panama/Hawaii cruise, Summer – Alaska or Europe cruise, Autumn – Canada cruise, Winter and throughout the year – Caribbean Sea cruise.

Q4. What is included or not included in cruise fare?

  1. Cruse fare includes accommodations, meals, entertainments, and facility usage fee. But excludes taxes, beverage includes alcohols, casino, shopping, optional tours, tips, transportation fees, and travel insurance.

Q5. What is the difference of the cabin?

  1. Please choose from all kinds of rooms based on the budget or cruise style. Rooms are different from depending on sizes, equipment, number of floors of deck, or position. Public space is opened for all categories. (Exclusions will be applied for some suite rooms.) The rate will increase in order of the inside, the ocean side, with the balcony, and suite. Select the best room from your cruise style.

Q6. Are there any facilities for children?

  1. There are child swimming pools, programs, or baby sitter inside the cruise. Each cruise line has different rules. Please contact us for more details. 

Q7. Is there any internet access?

  1. Internet is available, but it’s chargeable. Any cruise line has internet café inside the ship. It may be read Japanese (websites), but may not be able to type. Some internet café or lounge has Wi-Fi access so you can use your tablets, smartphones, or laptop computers. Average of the network usage fee will be about $0.75/minute. It could be changed depending on cruise companies. 100 minutes package or other plans will be available.

Q8. Is there any anniversary specials?

  1. Yes, please let us know when you make a reservation. Birthday, anniversary, honeymoon special includes singing and desserts celebration at the dining. Extra special birthday package and romantic package are also available.

Q8. What should I bring?

  1. Besides regular travel kit, swimwear, comfortable shoes, hats, sunglasses, sunscreen, toothbrush and insect repellent are recommended. Please carry small bag for valuables, souvenir, toiletries, swimsuit or medicines since baggage check-in will be required when embarkation and disembarkation. Windbreaker jackets, beach bags, water bottles or tumblers are useful. Please bring milk and diaper if you take small children.

Q10. What should I wear?

  1. Casual coordinate is recommended during daytime. We recommend bringing the jacket for cool evenings. Even short cruise includes formal dining night at least one time. Dining attire types are casual, semi-formal, and formal. Cruise newspaper tells the rules of attire. Casual: T-shirt, slacks, or skirts. Swimwear is not allowed to enter the restaurants. Semi-formal: shirt, tie and jacket for men. Dress or cocktail dress for ladies. Formal: dark suites with tie, tuxedo or dinner jacket for men, dress for ladies. However, comfortable attire will be allowed depending of cruises terms or courses.

Q11. What is a cruise document?

  1. We will send a cruise document 3 weeks before the departure. This is important document, and please make sure bringing it when you are boarding. Basically, passengers’ information, cruise terms and conditions, luggage tugs, emergency contact information or optional tours contents are on the document. Contents are different from each cruise companies.

Q12. Do I need Visa?

  1. Please make sure having the valid passport more than 6 months remaining from the last day of your trip (for Japanese passports). The U.S. residents are required to have the proof of documents of residency (Green card or working Visa etc.). Some countries need Visa for entry. Please contact us for more details.

Q13. What is transportation on the day?

  1. We take flight tickets. Arrival time will be changed depending on departure time, please arrive around noon. Please finish check-in at least 1 hour before on board. Detailed time schedule will be on the documents. If using the transportation service by cruise companies, an attendant will be at the baggage claim. If driving a car, no need to make a reservation for parking. We recommend that having plenty of time to arrive even if taking a plane or driving a car. If you get jet-lug or you are tired, you may get seasickness easily.

Q14. What is a cruise card?

  1. A cruise card work as ID inside the ship, room key, and credit card function. If you lose the card, please reissue at the front desk. There will be no cash transactions occurred inside the cruise ships (except casino), any payment process can be used the cruise card such as shopping and spa. Credit card registration will be required when your boarding, if you wish to pay on site, deposit will be required.

Q15. How does boarding process go?

  1. When you arrive at the terminal, leave the baggage with tags to the porter. Tip will be $1/each baggage. The baggage will be arriving at your cabin after boarding, and please take out of the stuff you need right away before leaving the baggage. Then, fill out the form and submit at the check-in counter. Register your credit card to create a cruise card, confirm, sign, and now you are ready to board.

Q16. What are in the cabin?

  1. There is 1 queen sized bed or 2 twin bed, sofa, TV, closet, mini bar, and bathroom. Most of cruise line have only shower except suite room. Soap, shampoo and dryer are equipped, but please bring the toothbrush and bed clothing. Microwave is not available.

Q17. Is smoking allowed?

  1. Smoking is not allowed inside ship. Public facilities are divided from non-smoking and smoking. Please enjoy cigars and pipes in the cigar room.

Q18. Can I bring alcohols?

  1. Most cruise companies are prohibited bringing alcohols. Some companies allowed bringing wines/champagne on only boarding day.

Q19. How much is the voltage?

  1. The main cabin voltage is 100V AC (A-type, same as Japan) and a 2 or 3 forked plug of 220V. Japanese lower voltage electricity will be available only for short time, but for your safety, we recommend bringing an electric transformer.

Q20. Can I choose dining time?

  1. Please decide when you make a reservation. Basically, first dining time is around 6 pm, second time is around 8 pm. If you take small children, earlier is better; however, it’s best to meet your style. Some cruise companies promote flexible dining time and casual attire style for more enjoyable cruise.

Q21. What is the dining system?

  1. Most cruises divided into 2 times. Main dining is around 6 pm, second dining is around 8 pm. Please let us now when you make a reservation. Most of cruises have sub-restaurants besides main restaurant. (it will be chargeable) Some cruises introduce a system to eat at your favorite restaurants at your favorite time. 24 hours open bar or room services are also available in some cruises.

Q22. Will I get seasick?

  1. Some cruises have rolling prevention system called fin stabilizer. Especially Caribbean waters are usually known for calm seas. But it is better to have medicine avoid getting seasick. Lack of sleep, over-eating and over-drinking, fatigue cause seasickness. We recommend that arriving at the site the day before, and prepare for boarding.

Q23. Do I participate evacuation drill?

  1. Every ship is obliged to participate in evacuation drills after boarding. After the announcement, please follow the instructions and gather at the designated place. Be sure to check the size of the life vest of the cabin before the evacuation drill and ask a crew if you need a small size or a large size. If you do not participate in evacuation drills, there is a possibility that it may be refused to board a ship, as instructed by the captain.

Q24. Do I need cash?

  1. Cruise card can be used for shopping, purchasing alcohols, or spa. However, you will need cash at casino. ATMs and credit card are available for withdrawing. Some souvenir stores or taxies cannot be used credit card at the port of call. The bill will be arriving at your cabin on last night of cruise, it will be automatically settled with the credit card registered based on it. If you have any unknown transactions or charges, please ask at the front desk.

Q25. Where can I get cruise information?

  1. Guest services or front desk will be available 24 hours, and please stop by at any time. Cruise newspaper containing a day schedule will be delivered at your cabin every night. Sunrise time of the next morning, the time of the restaurants or the shows are also listed.

Q26. How can I pay tip?

  1. In principle, tips are delivered to staffs’ appreciation, but normally, it is said to be about $12 per day. Since tipping policy will be different from on each company, it will be listed on the cruise document. Carnival, Princess, Norwegian Cruise, Royal Caribbean, Celebrity, Disney Cruise Line will be automatically added to your cruise fare. Spa, beauty salon, or optional tours are not automatically charged and additional tip will be required. Regarding beverages such as alcohol, a uniform 15% will be automatically charged as a service fee. Please check the receipt and sign it.

Q27. How can I keep my valuables?

  1. Please put in a safe in the cabin. If there is no cashbox in the cabin, you will be able to leave in the cashbox at the front desk. We recommend that keep valuable in the safe when going out.

Q28. What if I get sick during cruise?

  1. Each cruise ship has medical office and there will be doctors and nurses. It opened 24 hours, but it will be chargeable. We definitely recommend checking whether your health insurance can be used overseas and also to join travel insurance. IACE Travel recommend Travelex Insurance. Click here for more details.

Q29. Can I contact from the ship?

  1. Mobile phones can be used, but it will be international roaming. Please check with your mobile phone company your data and plans. A telephone in the cabin is available, using a satellite phone. It costs about $8-10/minute. FAX or email is also available.

Q30. What kind activities I can join?

  1. Depending on cruises, there will be swimming pool, Jacuzzi, casino, movies, musical shows, for children or family programs, computer class, dance lessons, cooking classes, wine tasting or any other courses for adults available. Please check the details on the cruise newspaper after boarding.

Q31. How can I embark/disembark at the port of call?

  1. Be sure to bring cruise card at any time. Photo shooting will be required when boarding. When boarding or getting off the ship, pass the cruise card through the machine and compare it with the picture.