What did you like the best during your trip and why?
  • I like Okinawa a lot. Going to school was my favorite part of the whole trip.
  • Going to the school and making new friends.
  • I love taking Puricura with my friends because it was my 1st time.
  • I like the home stay and going to Konan Gakuen High school.
  • Meeting Japanese people and learning about the culture.
  • Once in a lifetime chance…. it’s what I miss the most.
  • Japanese people are very friendly and I was able to learn many interesting things about Japan.
  • Because everything was fun in it’s own individual way.
  • We made a lot of friends through the homestay.
  • We also got to experience local Japanese life in Okinawa.
  • Kyoto showed us a lot about our ancestry.
  • I met wonderful people during both experiences which made them equally enjoyable.


How did you like Konan School?
  • Everyone there was nice, even the teacher.
  • It’s a really nice school!
  • The campus was very pretty and the uniforms were really cute!
  • It was a lot of fun.
  • I love Konan School because classmates were funny and they had school uniforms that I got to wear.


How was your school life in Konan School?
  • Good. I felt welcomed.
  • Really fun.
  • Incredibly fun! I wish I could have stayed longer!
  • The classes (even though I didn’t really understand the material) were rally interesting. The teachers were really cool!


How did you get along with your classmates?
  • Good. I studied with my host sister, ate lunch with her, and did many about things with my classmate.
  • Really well, actually! Everyone was really nice and helpful and funny!
  • Class was really enjoyable because of them! I’m still talking with my host sister + her friends over e-mail!
  • By talking about Arashi. Teaching English and Korean.


How was your home stay in Okinawa?
  • My family was nice and it was comfortable, just like home.
  • It was great, my family was so kind.


Any comments of Kyoto and Osaka
  • The university I’ll be attending has an exchange agreement with a university in Kyoto, so I’m really looking forward to returning to Kyoto in the not-too-distant future!
  • In Kyoto, although the head part and dress ware heavy, the picture looked nice. I love traditional craft also.
  • It was cool having students give us a tour of Osaka, instead of an actual tour guide!


What was your favorite food or meals in Japan?
  • It’s a three-ways the between Okinawa Soba, Takoyaki, and shaved ice.
  • Everything involving meat.
  • Tendon, Okinawa Soba, Tenpura, Sukiyaki, Takoyaki, etc…


Do you want to study Japanese more seriously?
  • Yes. I’ve already been studying for a while, but being a part of this trip made me want to get better at speaking in Japanese!
  • Yes. So I can talk to my home stay family.


Has your image of Japan changed after the trip?
  • Yes, more polite than I thought.
  • No, it’s just like the movies. Fun.
  • A little bit…! I have a better idea now of what a Japanese school is like!
  • Yes, it has. Because there was a lot of fun and new things to learn about Japan.
  • Yes. I’m actually planning on studying abroad in Japan during college.