Tea Ceremony at Gion & Ginkakuji Temple Walking Tour

Price : $104.00~
City : Japan , Kyoto ,
Duration : approx. 3 hours.
Tour Code : T831
Tour Type : Local Tour

1. Visit the World Heritage Site of Ginkaku-ji Temple and stroll along the Philosopher’s Path.
2. Experience an authentic tea ceremony and learn about Japanese culture.
3. Stroll through the traditional Gion district that is famous for maiko (Geisha apprentice).


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To Ginkaku-ji Temple

Ginkaku-ji Temple (40 min)
Ginkaku-ji, formally known as Jisho-ji Temple, is a world heritage founded by Yoshimasa Ashikaga originally as a mountain cottage. The garden has been designated as a special historic site.

Philosopher’s Path
Philosopher’s path stretches 1.5km (approx. 1 mile) along a waterway between Nyakuoji-bashi Bridge (near Nyakuoji-jinja Shrine) and Ginkaku-ji-bashi Bridge (near Ginkaku-ji). It is lined with cherry trees and Japanese maple trees, so tourists can enjoy the beautiful scenery of the season.

Tea Ceremony Experience (50 min)
After learning about tea ceremony and observing tea-serving manner, participants will have the opportunity to experience tea-serving at a tea ceremony.

Stroll around the Gion district (antique shop street, etc.) (40 min)
The district developed as a major hanamachi (entertainment district with maiko girls and geiko women) and still keeps refined and elegant atmosphere of old times. Take a stroll around the area and get a taste of traditional Japanese culture.

The tour disbands at Gion.
Please head to your next destination on your own after the tour.

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2 guests
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Child 6-11 years From $91.00

Package Inclusive
English-speaking guide, Other admission fees and transportation costs included in the tour
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Prices are subject to change without notice.