Narita/Haneda Airport Limousine

The limousine bus’s motto is “Secure, Comfortable, and Swift,” with service from each of the Metropolitan areas including Narita Airport and Haneda Airport to many major downtown hotels, terminal stations, etc. The convenient limousine bus always has available seats. There are no transfers to take, so travelers make direct connections and baggage is handled from departure to arrival. Please inquire two weeks prior to your travel departure. For more information, please contact IACE Travel.
To/From Narita Airport Route
To/From Haneda Airport Route
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Narita Airport Routes

Departure point  → Destination Duration
Narita Airport  → Haneda Airport 80 min
Narita Airport  → Shinjuku Station 90 min
Narita Airport  → Tokyo City Air Terminal 66 min
Narita Airport  → Ikebukuro Area 105 min
Narita Airport  → Yokohama City Air Terminal 108 min
Narita Airport  → Akasaka Area 109 min
Narita Airport  → Shibuya Area 93 min
Narita Airport  → Shinagawa Prince 93 min

Departure point  → Destination Duration
Haneda Airport  → Narita Airport 64 min
Shinjuku Station  → Narita Airport 103 min
Tokyo City Air Terminal  → Narita Airport 57 min
Ikebukuro Area  → Narita Airport 82 min
Yokohama City Air Terminal  → Narita Airport Data update
Akasaka Area  → Narita Airport 64 min
Shibuya Area  → Narita Airport 80 min
Shinagawa Prince → Narita Airport 73 min

Correct at 5th July, 2016

Advantages for Airport Limousine

Advantages 1
Easily ride with your baggage. Usually when traveling, there is a lot of baggage to carry and it is inconvenient to transport heavy bags on your own.  The limousine bus can easily take care any heavy baggage through to your destination.
Advantages 2
Sit in a comfortable seat all the way to your destination. Another exciting feature are the seats that have a higher stage for better visibility of the sights outside.
Advantages 3
All limousine buses have a GPS and our Traffic Control Center manages the fleet system. The Traffic Control Center keeps track of the latest road conditions and the selects the most appropriate route.
Advantages 4
The limousine bus will arrive in front of the departure lobby. After getting off the bus, enter the terminal building where there is a check-in counter. You don’t need to access the elevator or escalator, so it is very simple.
Advantages 5
The limousine bus also has a restroom. Additionally, if you have a PC, tablet or smartphone, you can to connect to wireless high-speed internet after filling out the application on the bus.
Usage Disclaimer
The limousine bus runs on the normal street (including highways), so the schedule may be delayed during times of high traffic (such as weekday mornings, evening rush hours, tourist season, and extreme traffic conditions). Please use it with sufficient time to spare. If you want to ride the limousine bus, you will need to fill out the form at least 15-minutes before riding the bus. After this period of time, your reservation may be cancelled and you will not be able to ride. Child under the age of 6, who are not using a seat, ride for free. Any child occupied seat under the age of 6 years old, will be charged. *Child fare is available for 6 to 11 years old on Narita route only and is unavailable on the Haneda route.
Cancellation Policy
Refund is available (restocking fee of 30% excluded) if the ticket is returned to IACE TRAVEL unused and if no name is written on the ticket.​

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